Beibei model area study paradise-water and sand play

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Oxen-led cultural studies school district


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“Cow” is one of the important livestock, was rated as “the first of six livestock”, our country has a long history of cattle raising, cattle and the life of the working people are closely related, Chinese cow culture is also rich and colorful.China has been an agricultural society since ancient times. With the development of farming culture, cow culture has been constantly created and written in the long history of the Chinese nation.Large in size and strong, docile and docile, the ox has been man’s good friend since ancient times.Every spring, when everything comes back to life, people take their cows for agricultural production. Ploughing and sowing, carrying and transporting, are the tasks and missions of the unknown cattle.The cattle help the laboring people to share a large number of heavy production activities, so people are very respectful and grateful to the cattle.


It will be their happy little outdoor playground paradise;Bring your family to travel here, this place will eventually become the best place to experience the aftertaste of childhood. Children will feel the Chinese civilization in their play, experience the folk customs, and let the traditional culture on the verge of extinction return to the childhood memory of adults, so as to find the childhood interest that belongs to your heart for a long time.


On the way of farming, farmers have been trying to make progress, and only by trial and error and accumulation can they have the current advanced agricultural civilization, just like this haystack maze.

Rainwater research school district



Idea: cloud mist rainforest

Function: spray device area, cloud game area.Night view of clouds (thunder, lightning, cloud light up)


Spray pad – glaciers and snow from distant mountains are turned into flowing streams through forests and farmland, irrigating branches along the way.And the ring device with water mist, like a bridge across the water surface, atomizes the stream water and sprinkles it into the sky, just like the water circulating in nature, which tirelessly supplies the source of life with solid, liquid and gas.

During the day, the fog rings give off a psychedelic glow under the influence of wind and light, and the occasional rainbow makes the surroundings look like a wonderland.At night, the ring device’s self-lighting system makes it the most brilliant presence in the night sky.

spray pad

Cloud play area — “every child has a dream world in his or her heart. It is a big cloud floating all over the sky, a rainbow of seven colors looming after the rain, a butterfly chase on the grass, a little playmates playing together, and a cloud paradise where time stays in the dream world.”

cloud playground zone

Cloud play area – while the seesaw seemed to be a part of my childhood memories, here the seesaw seems to have something else going on.Through the movement of the seesaw, the sensor is activated, and the weather clouds will start to rain.Through the interactive device with the advanced technology, people can participate in the landscape.

The rain collected on the ground into a stream.The child steps on the step, the right of the circular water scene corresponding to a gushing spring.


Idea: ecological clean water irrigation

Function: understand agricultural irrigation through interactive experience and non-dynamic drive of science popularization and intelligence, and understand the purification of natural water by simulating the filtering form of nature.

water and sand play

Human-powered water wheel — is the wisdom of the laboring people to overcome irrigation problems, and is the most traditional human-powered water pump.

This set of facilities is distributed in an array, which can be used by multiple people in cooperation, and can be used for team competition among different equipment. It aims to increase team cooperation and competition consciousness, understand the farming and irrigation culture, and cherish water resources.

water play area

Archimedes water feeder

water play equipment

The Archimedes spiral pump is a kind of spiral pump invented by the ancient Greek mathematician and scientist Archimedes in Egypt.This is the earliest pump in history, and its principle is still used by the modern screw pump.

Suitable for: children aged 6-12 years

water and sand play zone

Impeller disc — by rotating the impeller disc, water flows from the ground to the center of the impeller, under the guidance of the water tank, and back to the spiral disc.

water play feature

Creative idea: frog lotus pond

Functions: shallow water game, popular science theme


Frog lotus pond — water is a natural toy for children, especially in summer, when the cool water fountains are their favorite.Even if you don’t go to the beach or a spa, you can still experience the touch of water.Dry spraying area to meet the community to meet the diversity of the environment, strewn at random, moving step for scene, each scene is a painting, leisure time, walk here, pay attention to the landscape, listen to the children’s joy.

When water is not sprayed, pedestrians can walk without obstructing traffic. Dryland fountain does not occupy the leisure space, and can fountain, for visitors to provide a place to play near the water.The surface is decorated with smooth and beautiful stone, laid into a variety of patterns and modeling.When spraying water, it shows its charm under the colorful lights.

water splashing zone

splash pad area

Soil research school district

soil water play

Idea: micro soil

Function: to explore the soil world in a micro way, and to feel the diverse ecology inside the soil

water sand play

In the book “the poetics of space”, the French philosopher Gaston bashra mentioned children’s natural preference for “small enclosed Spaces”.Children are naturally close to nature, and sometimes they can watch a nest of ants move for several hours. However, the enlarged ant nest can be displayed as a microscopic soil world, which can release the children’s sense of micro space and form an immersive interaction and sensory experience.


Tiny terrain, this area is mainly in parent-child interaction, micro topography, little playground equipment is given priority to, suitable for young children amusement project, sets, jump, climb, drill, slide, swing, roll, such as multi-functional integrated amusement park, combined with interesting and artistic adornment, with safety, randomness, interactive and dynamic characteristics, through the stereo, the ingenious combination of science and form with amusement, sports, fun, fitness, educational multiple functions such as promoting the improvement of sensory integration ability.

outdoor playground

Idea: earth world

Function: among the dirt, feel the fun brought by the dirt

Soil creative home (clay), anji games, etc


outdoor play area

The game play with sand



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