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    سالن کان، MuTong 3،15 قومي ديانت Enterprises ۽ AAA خاصيت جي سمجهاڻي يونٽ، شهرت، چين ۽ چيني Innovate اچان نالي ۾ خدمت، ۽ چيني باقي اچان وانگر ڪيترائي اعزاز حاصل ڪيائين.
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    جي شين جي سڀ ISO9001 قومي معيار نظام جي سرٽيفڪيشن ۽ ISO14001 عالمي ماحولياتي تحفظ نظام جي سرٽيفڪيشن ۽ عالمي ڪاروبار صحت نظام OHSAS جي سرٽيفڪيشن ۽ سيء جي سرٽيفڪيشن جي منظوري آهن
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    بنيه تونگ بهلائڻ جي رانديڪن جدت root.Win-جيت جي foundation.We ٽيڪنالاجي innovating بازار ماڻي ۽ گراهڪن لاء مختلف اعلي معيار چرچو سامان پيدا ڪرڻ جي فني قوت تجارت ٺاهڻ تي زور آهي.
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    اسان کي اندروني ۽ بيروني تفريح سامان جي پيداوار ۽ اسان کي ۽ دنيا جي بلند ترين معيار پيدا ڪرڻ unremitting ڪوششون بڻائي رهيا آهن سڀ ماحول دوست، ۽ سڀ کان وڌيڪ محفوظ چرچو سامان ۾ تجربي جي 15 سالن جي آهي.

جي باري ۾


Established in 2003, Mutong is a comprehensive amusement equipment enterprise which focus on developing, designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing indoor and outdoor recreation equipments.
After more than 15 years developing, now MUTONG owns production base with area more than 10,000M2.

Our service:
1,Theme Children park overall plan:We provide service for real estate, kindergartens, streets, communities, parks, hotels, tourist resorts, water parks and all kinds of theme parks all over the world, including project designing, equipments producing and installation.
2,Outdoor playground equipments customized service:Parent-child playground, Company League- building playground.
3,Professional customized slides:We offer customized slides with material stainless steel, fiberglass, plastic, PE and wooden.
4,Indoor playground design:Indoor playground overall plan, product sales and installation.
5,Water park equipments:Water park slides, water splash pads, water features, water sprayers including design, sales, manufacture and installation.

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  • 03/06/19

    Different design style of amusement area ...

    وڌيڪ پڙهڻ
  • 06/05/19

    Salem Parks board looking to add pre-fire...

    SALEM–Salem Parks & Recreation is looking for clubs, community groups and organizations to volunteer to operate and sponsor some fun activities for a pre-fireworks celebration on July 3 at Waterworth Memorial Park...
    وڌيڪ پڙهڻ
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