Splash تاء پارڪ پاڻي ٻارن لاء ڦرندڙ پيئڻ

جي مختصر تشريح:

  • FOB قيمت: US $200-5000/ Piece
  • Min.Order مقدار: 1 set
  • جي فراهمي جي سگهه: 10000 ٽڪرو / رپيا مهينو ٽڪر
  • پورٽ: Shanghai,Ningbo
  • ادائگي جي شرطن: T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P
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    ڇو Mutong چونڊي؟

    Feedback from Customers and our Employees

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    Splash تاء پارڪ پاڻي ٻارن لاء ڦرندڙ پيئڻ

    شيء جو نالو:  Splash تاء پارڪ پاڻي ٻارن لاء ڦرندڙ پيئڻ

    ڪرائون سائيز واري (سي):



     سيء، ISO14001، ISO18000، ISO9001، جرمني جي TUV ڪمپني کان تميم سند


     ديرو پلاسٽڪ حصن: ڪوريا بي عهدي تان آندو LLDPE: قومي معياري لوهي نديم pipeC. Metals: GalvanizedDifferent مواد توهان جي مطالبي تي موجود آهي.


     a.Anti-UV  b.Anti-staticc.Securityd.Environmental protectione.Color ڦٽي ڪرڻ آسان نه آهي


     a.Professional CAD عبرت، اسيمبلي جي طريقيڪار ۽ پراجيڪٽ ڪيس. b.can جي ور oversea اسيمبلي انجنيئر مهيا


     Plastic parts: bubble bag and pp film; Metal parts: cotton and pp film

     خاص پيڪنگ موجود آهي.


    1 سال.

  • نظارو:
  • اڳيون:

  • Established in 2003, Mutong is a comprehensive  amusement equipment enterprise which focus on developing, designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing indoor and outdoor recreation equipments.

    After more than 15 years developing, now MUTONG owns production base with area more than 10,000M2.

    Our service:
    1,Theme Children park overall plan:We provide service for real estate, kindergartens, streets, communities, parks, hotels, tourist resorts, water parks and all kinds of theme parks all over the world, including project designing, equipments producing and installation.
    2,Outdoor playground equipments customized service:Parent-child playground, Company League- building playground.
    3,Professional customized slides:We offer customized slides with material stainless steel, fiberglass, plastic, PE and wooden.
    4,Indoor playground design:Indoor playground overall plan, product sales and installation.
    5,Water park equipments:Water park slides, water splash pads, water features, water sprayers including design, sales, manufacture and installation.

    Our advantages:
    -Factory directly price
    -More than 16 years manufacture experience
    - CE, ISO9001:2008,ISO14001,OHSAS18001 standards
    - 56+ Countries
    - Dedicated Product R&D center

    Our product series: Water park equipments; outdoor playground equipments; indoor plaground equipments; fitness equipments; wooden playground equipments etc.



    Our certificates:

    mutong certificate




    splash pad work shop





    mutong workshop

    water splash pads machine

    stainless steel slide workshop

    metal splash pads workshop


    splash pad factory









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